Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pack Break: 2006-07 MVP

This pack was the fifth to come out of the 15-pack value box from Target. I've bought a few packs in the past and thought the set wasn't all that bad, but I'll take it considering there could have been worse.

MVP is one of the few sets from Upper Deck I have liked consistently other than one or two of them here and there. This set design is one of the better ones incorporating the revised MVP logo. 

Overall the design is pretty nice. I like the shield looking space for the player image and the way its shaded to look like polished metal. The black and whatever team color in behind add a nice touch. 

I also like the use of the arched name box on the bottom of the card with the old Upper Deck logo centered between the player's number and position abbreviation. 

What I like most about MVP is the facsimile signatures. For this set they were included on the standard base cards unlike previous years where there was the base then "Silver Script." 

One thing I would have liked them to do was just leave the card blank if they did not have the player's signature. Instead, they put the player's name in silver cursive text (i.e. Bourdon). 

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