Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Picks # 38: Marty Turco

This pick is one of the most unique cards in my collection. Its a Marty Turco Frozen in Time insert from 2005-06 Trilogy numbered 92/599. It came from a random pack and its the only one that I have.

The scan does this card no favors whatsoever, its so much nicer when you're holding it. You need to be able to feel it and flip it around to see how awesome it really is.

These cards are massive, they're nearly 1/8" thick made of solid clear plastic. Forget about squeezing one of these suckers into a nine-pocket page or even a top loader for that matter.

The 3D effect comes from printing on both sides of the card. The picture of Turco, the "Frozen in Time" text and its white background as well as the UD logo are printed on the front while the ice pattern, "Trilogy" text and black portions are on the back.

I think this would be an awesome set to build, the only hard part would be finding a good way to store them other than keeping them loose in plastic or cardboard boxes.


  1. cool... just wish that the 092/599 was printed on the back so that it was only visible from teh back

  2. the serial number is actually on the back, they just placed it where it could be seen through the front, so its backwards from the back of the card.