Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jimmy Howard: 2005-06 Trilogy RC

It's been a little while now since I began my Jimmy Howard collection, which has stood at one card ever since I got the Artifacts rookie. I now have two cards with my latest eBay purchase: a 2005-06 Trilogy RC numbered 910/999.

Just like the Artifacts RC, it looks great except for the mismatch in equipment colors, but what can you do when he's brand new to the team and still has old gear? Its pretty much in the same value range too, being numbered to 999 as compared to 750.

Hey, a Jimmy Howard card is a Jimmy Howard card, and that's all that matters to me, so I'm happy with it. As far as the collection, I've found a likable player to collect and its a plus he's not in the same price range as other rookies from that year (i.e. Ovechkin, Crosby).

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