Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Picks # 35: Wayne Gretzky

I chose a Wayne Gretzky card for this particular pick for a reason, a reason that will become apparent with my next post. See if you can figure it out though...

This particular card is from the 1999-00 MVP Dynamics insert set. It's a great looking set from a time where memorabilia cards were not found in every other pack and regular inserts were actually decent looking.

MVP had some really nice looking insert sets around this time, especially this one. It's got an interesting background, with the whole northern lights kind of thing going on. Not sure what the circles on the bottom are for, but they look cool. Same goes for the staggered vertical lines on the bottom right side. 

Gotta love the jersey too. That had to be one of the best of the third jerseys, I remember having a replica when I was younger and it was just awesome. 

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