Monday, June 7, 2010

The Century Mark

This is my 100th post on Card Boarded, somewhere I didn't even think this thing would go when I started it back in December of last year. This blog has helped renew my interest in the hobby after I lost any real interest four years ago when I went off to college.

The best thing about starting this blog has been finding fellow hockey card bloggers and being able to read their blogs and see their collections.

Thank you to the followers of this blog and anyone else who has stopped by to check it out.


  1. Congrats. May you have many more century marks.

  2. congrats man... keep it up! one of these days I'll have to bribe you to teach me how to do customs properly ;)

  3. Here here!!!!

    Congrats on hitting the century mark and keep up the great blog. It's an enjoyable one.

  4. congratulations... i just started following your blog and i look forward to reading your future articles. can't wait until i reach #100 one day ;-)