Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Picks # 34: Andreychuk/Nicholls

For this pick I'm going to do something a little different and double dip. These two cards come from the same set and I wanted to show them off together. They are from the 1998-99 BAP Milestones set. The first is a Dave Andreychuk 500 goals card and the second is a Bernie Nicholls 1000 points card. The coolest thing about these cards is they are die-cut in the shape of the number of each milestone.

I think these came from a large box of commons I purchased quite a while ago. I remember thinking they were the coolest thing back when I was a kid. They're great cards, printed on a very thick card stock, and they look so much better when you're actually holding them. 


  1. Very cool set.

    Is it me or is it weird to see both of those guys in Devils' jerseys? I guess it is the team that they accomplished the feat in....but to me, it's definitely not the team I remember them best with.

  2. Yeah it is kind of weird seeing them both with New jersey, but that is where both of the milestones took place. I believe that is the case with the entire set.