Monday, May 24, 2010

My Picks # 33: Dominik Hasek

This pick showcases one of my favorite goaltenders, former Red Wing Dominik Hasek. It comes from the Championship Fever insert set from 2000-01 Aurora.

This is an awesome looking insert set in my opinion, just another good one from Pacific from back in the day. You wouldn't think flames on a hockey card like this would work very well, but this set pulls it off. 

I really like the background as it has some nice colors and textures, giving it the whole fire and ice kind of theme. It's a little heavy on the gold foil, but what can I say, it works. I also like the use and placement of the team logo in the upper left corner. The obligatory set logo is nicely placed in the upper right corner and doesn't take away from the overall look.

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