Friday, May 14, 2010

Jimmy Howard: 2005-06 Artifacts RC

Today's mail brought the first card in my newly started Jimmy Howard collection. It's a 2005-06 Artifacts Rookies numbered 727/750. Not a bad pickup for less than $10.

It's a great looking card except for his Maine helmet and the black and white pads. They don't go that well with the Wings uniforms. Most of his rookie cards are the exact same. 

This is the first of hopefully many cards. I've been trying to find all of them and there are quite a few, most of them aren't too expensive, but that will probably change. There were only a few too pricey for me, namely any of the auto-patch cards from The Cup. 

So if anyone has any unwanted Jimmy Howard cards taking up space, let me know, and maybe we could work out a trade. I've got plenty of cards I want and need to get rid of.

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  1. Hello fellow ebayer, I've been collecting Howard myself now for the past couple months. Heres waht i've managed to put together. Hopefully we don't butt heads! If you're interested in anything let me know. email is

    Artifacts /750
    Parkhurst Signatures
    SP Authentic /999
    SP Authentic Rookie Authentics
    SPXcitement /999 (x2)
    Trilogy /999
    UD Rookie Class
    Upper Deck Rookie Showcase
    Ultra Gold Medallion

    BTP The Masks
    Black Diamond Gemography

    BTP Autographs
    ITG H&P Jerseys

    BTP Autographs
    BTP Numbers Autographs /9

    BTP Masks Gold