Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thoughts: Top Loaders vs 9-Pocket Pages

I've been debating what I should begin storing several of my collections in from this point forward, mainly the Super Script, Gold Script sets and any future TTM autographs.

In the past I have gone with the 9-pocket pages for all of my cards except for the special ones (i.e. jersey cards and autographs) to differentiate them from the commons. Now I've begun to wonder if there is really a difference in long term effects between the top loader / penny sleeve combination and the 9-pocket pages.

I think it would make more sense, economically and spatially, to go with the pages for the Gold and Super Script sets and the TTM autographs, mainly because they are standard card stock, although I have them in top loaders right now because I have so few of them.

This should slowly begin to change here soon when I fully get back into the hobby after college. I think I am leaning towards the pages for the autos, simply because I can neatly keep them all in one binder. Same goes for the Gold and Super Script sets.

Has anyone noticed any major differences between the two storage methods?

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