Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thoughts: Expansion

The other day when I was searching for more Super Script cards on eBay I came across a lot of Gold Scripts from the same set, 1999-00 UD MVP Stanley Cup Edition.

It may be a stupid and crazy idea but I may have just expanded the Super Script Quest to simply the Script Quest. The Supers are numbered to 25, Golds to 100, and Silvers are not numbered. This would put me at 660 cards total:

(220) Super Script
(220) Gold Script
(220) Silver Script

I have plenty of the Silvers already, I would just have to go through and count the actual number. No Golds right now, but that may change if I happen to land that lot of ten on eBay, but who knows. I thought the Supers would be a lot, but this may just be too much.

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