Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Card Show Pickups: Odds and Ends

Time to wrap up my pickups from the last card show I was at. As I was sorting through the various boxes I found some neat things that didn't really fit into any of my specific projects. You never know what you'll find at these things and that's half the fun. 

My favorite of this bunch has to be this Gary Thorne Young Guns Legend card from 2004-05 Upper Deck. I never even knew this card existed, but I grabbed it as soon as I found it. When I think back to all the big Red Wings playoff games I watched growing up, Gary Thorne was a part of most of them. I really miss him and Bill Clement calling the Stanley Cup Final, they were probably the best pair I've seen on television.

Here is another card from one of my favorite die-cut sets, 1998-99 BAP Milestones. This one features Paul Coffey and his 1000 point milestone. It is cut into the shape of the number 1000 and is imprinted with tons of smaller 1000's all across the surface. I thought these things were the coolest when I was a kid and am glad to have another one.

Here's one from my new favorite team, the Nashville Predators. During the playoffs this past spring I decided to start rooting for Nashville in round one and was behind them rest of the way. I'm still a Wings fan, but they are a new and exciting team for me to root for. This Pekka Rinne card comes from the 2013-14 Prizm Net Defenders set.

This Scott Mellanby Gold Script is from 1999-00 Upper Deck MVP. I guess you could call this a sibling to the Stanley Cup Edition set as they are both MVP and both from the same season. The one thing I love about these Gold Scripts is how the entire border of the card has been turned gold. They did the same thing for the Super Scripts, only in silver, and they just look great. Kind of makes me want to grab a few more of these now.

Up next was this Patrick Roy Stoppers card from 1995-96 Score. Technically this is the Black Ice version and definitely one that does not scan well. It looks pretty cool in person though. I have a couple of these now so maybe I'll try to find some more at the next card show.

Here's the other half of the epic goalie battle from the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals. This John Vanbiesbrouck is from 2013-14 Panini Contenders Legacies. It is a pretty simple design with a cool black and white action shot. I just wish they made the logo black and white too.

Finally, we have this monstrosity from 2009-10 Upper Deck Collector's Choice. This card is from the Warriors of Ice set and features a cartoon superhero version of Alexander Ovechkin. I get that these were geared towards kids, but man these things are strange looking. For just $0.25 I had to have it so I could show it here.

So that's it, nothing too fancy, just some neat randomness to add to my collection. A couple of these have me contemplating some new set projects, but I will probably hold off on those for now. I kind of like picking up random things like this as it give me a variety of things to share and write about on here.

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