Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thoughts: Upper Deck e-Pack

A recent post over at My Hockey Card Obsession about digital cards is part of the reason I'm writing this post today. Digital cards are something that I never really gave much thought about until reading that and seeing posts about Upper Deck e-Packs on Twitter.


I went ahead and signed up for the e-Pack site and am not completely sure what to think of it just yet. They let you open one free pack of cards each day, so that's cool, but what does it really get me? From what I can tell so far, I have to collect ten digital copies of any given base card before I can 'combine' them and redeem them for an actual physical card.

After signing up I went ahead and 'opened' my first free pack of cards. It had three base cards in it including Zemgus Gergensons, Cody Ceci and Lars Eller. Once you receive the cards they end up stored in 'My Collection" on the website. Its nice because you get to see a front and back scan of each card in your collection. 

In addition to the free packs, you can purchase digital packs, boxes, and cases of UD Series 1 and MVP. Since I'm still not completely sure how I feel about this whole digital card thing, I'm going to hold off on actually spending money on these 'cards' for now. I think its a really neat idea and works well with how technology driven everything is nowadays, however there is just something a little off about not getting to hold the cards in your own hands.

What do you think about the e-Packs from Upper Deck? Have you tried them out yet?


  1. The only cards that aren't actually "cards" are the base cards. Any insert you hit via packs/boxes/cases are actually physical scans of the cards you can choose to have mailed to you. It's a great way to rip packs anywhere you want, save the clutter of worthless base cards and only have your big hits sent off to you whenever you please.

  2. I actually really enjoy the Upper Deck e-pack site. The three card free packs are just base, but once you get a few, you start trading to get 10 of one player to turn it into a foil card. If you want anything good, you have to buy packs.

    I have bought three packs and the past few weeks, I have been able to slowly 'trade up' to the point where I have a few cards that are actually worth converting to physical cards.

    The thing I like the most is the trading forum. It is a microcosm/economy unto itself. It can also be humourous to see how much 'sentimental' value people will put on a $1 low end young gun or some other worthless insert. All in all, I really enjoy it (and my wife thinks it is the stupidest thing in the world... so there's that too!).
    -anonymous paul-

    1. So if you accumulate 10 copies of the free base cards, can you turn that into one of the foil cards?

      I also read somewhere in the fine print that there is a $0.25 charge for any of the physical cards.

    2. Yes - 10 copies of the same base card gets you one foil card. There is a charge for the card plus shipping but I do not know the amount.
      -anonymous paul-