Monday, May 23, 2016

Dominik Hasek: Card Show Pickups

In addition to the great stack of Masks cards I was able to grab at the card show, I found some nice stuff for my Hasek collection. These all came from the singles boxes and provide a nice new mix of stuff to add to the binder. Hasek has a ton of cards out there and they are usually easy to find. The price is never that bad either other than the occasional home team markup on his Red Wings cards around here. 

The first one is a sweet die-cut card from the good ol' Pacific days. This one comes from the Ornaments set included in 1999-00 Revolution. It is cut in the obvious shape of a Christmas tree and you can see the words Merry Christmas in the rainbow foil background. It even comes with a string attached so you can hang it right on your own tree.

This one is from the Starscape set included with 1999-00 SPx. That seems to be the popular year for these so far. This one definitely makes you think of stars when you look at it. The effect is hard to see in the scan, but it looks great when the light hits it.

Here is another one with a lot of crazy stuff going on in the background. While the scanner picks up some of the effect, it looks so much better in person as it changes when you tilt the card in the light. At least with this one they show him in the white jersey which stands out a bit more from the background.

Hey another one from 1999-00, I'm on a roll with these now. This comes from Upper Deck's flagship set and features the likes of Hasek, Yzerman, Bure, and Roy. This one also has a nice starry them tho the background. There are even "Quantam" versions numbered to 100, too bad this wasn't one of those.

Time for another oldie. This comes from 1997-98 Donruss and is part of the Press Proof parallel set. It has the words "Press Proof" in silver foil along the side and some darker lines fanning out from the team logo. At least they didn't put those lines over top of the picture.

This one is from 2001-02 Vanguard from Pacific. I really like the font and the treatment of the High Voltage text. The large team logo is a nice touch. I just wish they had more of an action shot of Hasek rather than him just watching the play.

This one is pretty basic and comes from the main set of 1994-95 Pinnacle. For whatever reason the gold foil on this one did not scan very well. It looks much better in person. This has a nice shot of Hasek hugging the post, but would look a little better without the players leg you can see in the lower right corner.

Finally something showing Hasek in a Wings jersey. Like I said, there is usually a home town premium on his Wings stuff, so I usually end up with mostly Sabres cards at these types of shows. This was one of the exceptions to the rule so I grabbed it. It comes from 2006-07 MVP and the International Icons set.

Time for another crazy die-cut from Pacific, another one heavy on the starry theme. This one comes from 1997-98 Revolution and the All Star Game insert set. This set shows players actually in their all star game jerseys.

That's it for now, nine cool new cards for my Hasek collection. I'm not even sure how many I have overall now since I never really kept a great count. I'll have to go through and do that here soon. In addition to these, I was able to get some other great goalie cards, a bunch of Red Wings stuff and some other odds and ends from the card show.

Edit: Just noticed that somehow one of the cards I had in the draft version of this post was deleted. Above is a sweet refractor from Stadium Club Chrome. Not sure how that happened, I didn't even notice it until I was looking at the folder of scanned cards and this one stuck out. Now I feel kind of dumb for missing it.

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  1. Some nice cards of the Dominator. The two Pacific cards are awesome way over the top gaudy type of card.