Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dominik Hasek: Stoppers

Now that I've decided to keep adding to my Dominik Hasek collection again, I thought I would start showing off some more of the cards I've had just sitting around. This card comes from a set that I remember having a ton of as a kid. I thought these Stoppers cards were the coolest thing back then so it's nice to enjoy it all over again now.

This one comes from 1995-96 Score and is part of the Stoppers 10-card subset. They are the last ten cards of the base set numbered 316-325. The others include Roy, Brodeur, Richter, Vernon, Vanbiesbrouck, Burke, Carey, Belfour and Potvin.

I think I have the whole set of ten cards somewhere, I may have even posted it on here somewhere in the past and just forgot about it. Either way, I still really like this card and it is one that I'm happy to have in the collection.

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