Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thoughts: The New eBay Feed

Since I started this blog and even before that, eBay has always been the one of the primary sources of new cards for my collection. Like most every site on the internet, it has gone through various changes over the years, some good and some not so good. That said, one of their new homepage features, the feed, is pretty neat if you ask me.

Here's a snap shot of my "feed" from earlier today:

I get the feeling that they saw what was going on over at Pinterest and decided to emulate it. I'm not into that site at all, but I've seen how it looks and doing it this way is actually a pretty nice way of scrolling through new listings. Especially because it looks for all of your saved searches at the same time.

I'm one who only likes to see eBay listings with pictures, so this is perfect as it seems like there has to be a picture for it to appear in this format.

If you are an eBay user, what do you think about this new feature?


  1. Never see it.

    I have a quick link to my saved searches. I bypass the main page altogether.

    But if it generates traffic....I guess it must be good.

    1. I had mine the same way and just jumped right to the different saved searches. I think I still prefer that method, but this new one is great when you are short on time to go through everything individually.

  2. Just checked it out...they throw in some old searches just for the hell of it it seems - had some textbook recommendations.

    1. Yeah I had to go in and clean mine up a bit to get rid of some old searches. Much better now that I did that.