Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Script Update

What better way to start off a new month than with another update for one of my favorite sets, plus it's Friday so that makes it even better. As the title suggests, I've got myself another Super Script parallel to add to my MVP Stanley Cup Edition master set project.

This will be the fourth one I've gotten so far this year. I would've had five if I hadn't been an idiot and missed the end of an auction for another one the other day. It's my own fault for not putting in a higher maximum bid up front, but I'm still annoyed with my eBay mobile app for not reminding me about the end of the auction. Oh, well can't win them all, right? 

Anyway, here's my new Norm Maracle Super Script numbered 01/25:

This one is neat because its of a former Red Wings goalie I remember watching on television as a kid. Maracle spent two seasons as a backup for the Wings from 1997-99 racking up 8 wins, a 2.22 GAA, and a 0.916 SV% in 20 games played. The best part is I think he's pictured playing his former team on this card based on the red and white striped pants in the background. Pretty sure based on these pics from Icethetics.

Surprisingly this is only the 4th goalie card I've been able to get for this set along with Hasek, Burke, and Boucher. It's also the third Thrasher for the set. Hopefully one of these days I can at least knock of an entire team set. That would be pretty neat.

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