Monday, January 7, 2013

Jimmy Howard: Card Show Pickups

Usually when I go to a card show around here I am on the lookout for Jimmy Howard stuff. Most of the time there is plenty of it because of the focus on the Red Wings around here, but with that comes the hometown price hike. I never want to overpay for anything so sometimes its hard to find a good deal on any of his stuff. 

My latest trip to the Gibraltar show was a nice surprise though because I managed to find two new cards for my Howard collection at a pretty decent price, and that price would be just $0.20 each. The first was a Net Cam insert from 2012-13 Score.

The second one was this base card from 2011-12 Elite. I already have the Gold Status die-cut, so now I just need the Red Aspirations die-cut to complete the three card rainbow. It would look pretty nice having all three of them together.

Going into the show I didn't really expect to come home with any Howard stuff by sticking to dime and quarter boxes, but I was pleasantly surprised by finding these two. Now if only I could've found a few more of his more recent base cards.

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