Saturday, November 3, 2012

Red Wings Card of the Day: 1999-00 Wayne Gretzky Hockey Jiri Fischer

I've got just one card I'm waiting on from eBay at the moment and I was hoping it would've shown up with the mail man today, but that was not the case. So, I thought I would bust out another random card from my Red Wings collection. 

This one features former Red Wings defenseman Jiri Fischer and comes from 1999-00 Wayne Gretzky Hockey. Talk about there being too many products on the market, even the Great One got his own set back before the 2004 lockout realigned the hockey card scene. It's definitely not the worst looking base set, I kind of like it actually. 

The cool thing about this set is that on the back of every card, there was a "Gretzky on (insert player name)" section in addition to the usual stats and bio information. For instance, the back of this card has the following:

  - A very talented defenseman who should become a great asset for the Red Wings.
  - Fischer's offensive play would be a noticeable addition to any NHL squad.
  - This guy is very, very good. 

Not sure if these are actually from Wayne himself, hopefully they are because that's what the card says, but who knows. I have seen a few inserts sets like this, one with Marty Turco from Pacific comes to mind, but I can't recall any full sets doing anything similar, can you?

Did any of you guys ever bust any of this stuff? I got one box back in the day and have a good chunk of the set, but I never really see it that much anymore.

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