Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Wings Card of the Day: 1996-97 Fleer Ultra Vladimir Konstantinov

I thought I would start another mini-series of posts here on Card Boarded focusing on my personal collection of Detroit Red Wings cards. The idea for this series will be to show off any random Red Wings card or cards when I have nothing else to write about. This will help fill the void when I go days or weeks between PC pickups.

These, unlike anything I would post in the "My Picks" series of posts, do not necessarily need to have a cool picture or design. This will be more about just showing off cards I have of the team I've followed since I was about 8 years old. Not sure where this will take me, but let's get things started with former Wings defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov.

This card comes from the 1996-97 Fleer Ultra set. I chose this one because this is one of the sets I distinctly remember collecting as a kid. There was just something I really liked about the font of the player's name and the team color blur effect surrounding the text.

This was also from a time when I didn't care about the value of my cards or getting any of the "hits" as much as just the fact it was another Wings card for my collection. Those were the days. What do you think of this idea, would you be interested in seeing more of my Red Wings randomness in another series here on Card Boarded?


  1. I like the idea... In fact I may just borrow the idea and do the same with my St. Louis Blues!

    1. Definitely go for it! Would love to see this from all the team collectors out there.

  2. Then me and Sal would show off some of our Blackhawks pride and so on for other team while I post some ttm's

  3. I am definitely in favour of team-specific memorabilia blogs...especially since the articles about cards at my blog feature (almost) exclusively players before, during, and after they played for the Flames!

  4. Excellent post. Very much looking forward to seeing more.

    Some great memories in that card.