Monday, August 6, 2012

Super Script Update

Time for yet another update on the most important part of one of my set projects. I was lucky enough to stumble upon three of these things in the last week on eBay, one of which I did not win, but that's ok as I still came out with more than zero, and that's always good.

This time I found two listings from the same seller as the Naslund Gold and Super Scripts I bought last month. Both had $0.99 starting bids, so when I found them I threw down my max bid and just waited til the end. Obviously, I got them, or I wouldn't be writing this post. 

The first was this Andrew Cassels numbered 22/25.

 The second was this Adrian Aucoin numbered 24/25. 

Not bad if you're a Canucks fan, eh? The thing that kind of surprised me was the ending bid for both of them considering what I paid for the Naslund just a few weeks ago. The Aucoin set me back $7.00 and the Cassels just $8.00, but hey I'll take it. 

These two bring my Super Script total to 33 out of a possible 220. That's exactly 15% of the way there. I would've had 34, but I got sniped at the last second on an auction for a David Legwand, but you can't win them all, so I'll just hope another one pops up someday.

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