Sunday, August 5, 2012

Metal Universe Update

Now that I only need a handful of cards to complete my 1996-97 Metal Universe base set, I figured it would be a nightmare tracking down the last few, but I was wrong. Thanks to Brad over at Cards from the Crease, I am now two cards closer to a complete set. 

The first was this one featuring Andy Moog of the Dallas Stars.

The second was this one featuring Oleg Tverdovsky of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Both are pretty cool cards. I really like the Moog though, as the goalie cards from this set are probably the best looking of all. I really wish someone would resurrect this set from the dead and bring it back for another go round similar to some of the other reboots out that are out there now thanks to Panini. 

Anyway, these two bring my base set total to 197 out of the 200 for the set. That leaves me with three cards, which will probably be the three most difficult to track down, right? And thanks again to Brad over at Cards from the Crease for sending these two my way.

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