Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thoughts: Collecting Superstitions

When it comes to collecting, I'm sure some of you have some superstitions like not grabbing the last pack of an opened box or making sure you get the bottom pack of a freshly opened box at the hobby shop. The biggest one I deal with is not crossing a card off of my wantlist or showing it off before I actually have it in hand. 

For some reason, I feel that if I do that prematurely, I'll jinx myself and the card will either get lost in the mail or show up damaged. I know it's good to mark things as incoming sometimes, but for me I simply wait until I have the card in hand before doing anything.

It's the same way with showing something off here or over at SCF. I will wait until I have the card to be able to scan it myself. Up to this point it works, knock on wood, as I've yet to have a card I either waited to scan or check off the list go missing or show up in bad shape.

Am I the only one that thinks like this? Do you have any collecting superstitions?


  1. I don't think I have any collecting superstitions. I guess you're just weird. ;)

  2. I only open packs at my house...NOT at the hobby shot

  3. I have a couple of the same superstitions mentioned here. Like Michael I don't open packs at the shop, although I haven't been to the shop or purchased a pack of anything in months anyway.

    Like you I don't consider a card part of my collection until it's in hand. But even worse, I scan it and catalog it in Zistle before I knock it off the want list.

  4. Great question.

    I don't really have an current superstitions. But years ago, when my buddy collected with me... I'd have him pick out packs for me, because he was super lucky. Sadly, he doesn't collect anymore. Maybe that's why I don't buy individual packs very often anymore.

  5. When I open packs, I try not to look at what the hit is (even if it's a big fat blank dummy card) until I look at all the cards before it.

    When picking packs from gravity feeds, I don't like to get a whole group next to each other. I grab a few here and a few there. Though this backfires a lot and I end up with dupes out of just those packs.

    I try to mark incoming stuff on my site so I don't get three of them. But I'll slack a little on sets like 2012 Topps while they're still live so any dupes are just more trade bait. My best trading friend refuses to mark stuff pending even though he knows it's coming from me and we've sent back and forth for years.