Friday, September 2, 2011

My Picks # 70: Kariya / Selanne

This pick is a card I remember pulling from a box of Topps I got for Christmas a while back, I believe its from the Combos insert set from 2000-01. I know I have some more cards from this set somewhere, but those are not nearly as cool as this one.

The first thing I notice about this card is the obnoxious green background on the bottom of it, followed by the semi-painted look of the picture. If there's one thing I don't like, it's that you can tell they just plopped these two images together on a neutral background.

As far as the naming of these 'combo' cards, this one is the best. To get an idea why, here are some of the others:

Hasek / Joseph = Creased Lightning
Roy / Brodeur = O' Canada
Lemieux / Jagr = Penguin Pride
Hull / Yzerman = 600 Club
Lecavalier / Thornton = Young Ones
Amonte / LeClair = Red, White and Blue
Bure / Bure = The Fabulous Bure Brothers
Modano / Forsberg = Men in the Middle

I don't see a lot of creativity or originality there, although the Bure one is kind of funny, I'll give them that. But seriously, how is 'Quack Attack' not light years beyond the others there?

On a side note, when I see 'quack attack' all I think of is the Disney Mighty Ducks movies. Those were awesome back when I was a kid in the 90's. If I had to choose, the second film would be my favorite, followed by the first and the third. Click here for a great article about the movies I happened to stumble upon. 

Finally, I thought I would show this Kariya/Selanne compilation I found on YouTube. Man these guys were good together, kind of reminds me of Datsyuk and Zetterberg.


This post brings me to a few questions for you guys. First, who is your favorite dynamic duo? Second, what are some of your favorite hockey movies, other than the Mighty Ducks?


  1. That video clip was awesome. As much as I love hockey, I'm not huge on hockey movies. I guess I would list Slapshot as my favorite.

  2. I like the card, Kariya and Selanne are my 2nd favorite duo behind Lemieux and Jagr; I remember really liking the pair of Lindros and Leclair during one period of time as well.

    As for hockey movies, I haven't really seen many others - other than the Mighty Duck series, the second one would be my favorite too...Flying V!