Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Captured on Cardboard #6: Dustin Byfuglien

It's been quite a while now since I've done one of these, but as I was perusing Shoebox Legends the other day, I noticed a Dustin Byfuglien card from 2009-10 Upper Deck. It stuck out to me because it features a shot of him during the Winter Classic from Wrigley Field, which with me being a Wings fan and all I watched every minute of.

I quickly dug through one of my monster boxes to make sure I had one before starting this post, and sure enough I did have it. Actually I had two as there was a dupe nearby.

At first glance, you see Byfuglien celebrating a Blackhawks goal in front of Ty Conklin. Other than that there isn't a lot going on in the picture on this card.

Now, as far as where the moment captured on the card takes place in the video, look closely around the 2:46 mark, just after Martin Havlat put the puck past Conklin. There are a few things that confirm this. First look at Byfuglien's arms and stick in the air. Second, look at the kneeling position Conklin is in. Third, look at the Verizon ad you can see on the card, which can be seen from the broadcast camera right behind the net.

Here's the video, it's a bit long, but any Wings fan will enjoy:

So there you have it, another moment "Captured on Cardboard." Pretty cool, eh?


  1. The Hawks really missed Dustin last season.

  2. captured on film--mug shot

    Arrest could hamper Byfuglien’s future with Jets