Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cardboard Creations: 66-67 Parkhurst

When it comes to custom card designs, the easiest thing to do is take an existing design and either completely recreate it or use it as a starting point and change it up a bit. This edition of Cardboard Creations would be the latter. If you don't know, this set is based on the Parkhurst design from 1966-67. 

I wanted to do something a bit older than 1997 this time around so I figured I'd fire up the Delorean and go all the way back to the 60's. Not as far as my 54-55 Topps creations, but close enough. As usual, here's a closer look at the Howard I came up with. 

Here are some of the originals: 


At first glance these look pretty much like the originals, but if you take close look and compare the two, mine have a couple of differences. The biggest thing was layering the pictures behind the left-side team color borders, where the originals are on top. Other than that, I decided not to tint the background, leaving them a neutral grey color. 

Here's a look at the rest of them together: 

One thing you may notice is that I actually stuck with nothing but Original Six teams this time around. That just made sense for some reason, as you can never go wrong with any of these teams.

So what do you guys think, how do they look? 

By the way, I've taken some of you suggestions on my 'Last Line of Defense' set and worked up another set of nine cards, looks for those in the next few days.


  1. unbelievable as usual bud. Great job.

  2. Really nice. A solid and crisp design.

    I would have liked to have seen the picture overlap on the left, but noticed that it might have impeded too much on the text for a couple (Rask especially). I like that you didn't tint the background (makes the set more uniform). I'd like to see some other teams (especially older ones like the Nordiques, Whalers, etc.).

    Why did you do with the white text on the Red Wings (as opposed to the black).

    Great stuff (as usual).

  3. Thanks guys.

    Brett - I did have them overlap at first, but like you noticed with the Rask, some of them would not work too well with the text. And as far as the White on the Red Wings cards, I was originally using a much darker red and the black just didn't work. When I changed back to the lighter red, I just stuck with the same white text.

  4. I kinda wish they were actual cards because they look so good. The 2 Leafs cards would go well into my collection. great post!