Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jimmy Howard: Surprise Additions

I haven't added much of anything to my Jimmy Howard collection lately as I've been focused on tracking down cards for my MVP Stanley Cup Edition master set project.

These next three cards were a pleasant surprise included with the lot of Silver Scripts and Stanley Cup Talent inserts from reader Mark.

The first one was this base card from 2010-11 Certified. It seems backwards to me, but I got the Gold /25 and Gold Auto /25 versions of the card well before the base version.

The second was this base card from this year's Black Diamond set. Like the Stanley Cup Talent cards from my last post, this one didn't scan all that well, but does look really nice in person. 

The last, and probably my favorite of the three, was this base card from 2010-11 SPx. Even though the design is extremely busy and a lot of the space is wasted, I like it for some reason. 

So even though these are simple base cards, I'm really glad to have them as part of my collection, especially since they came as a surprise. They bring my Jimmy Howard collection total to 21 now.

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