Sunday, February 27, 2011

Super Script Update

In my last post, I showed off two new additions to my Gold Script collection. They were part of a three card deal, and this next card would be the third one I was referring to in that post.

It's a Jochen Hect Super Script numbered 11/25. 

It's nearly impossible to see the rainbow foil facsimile signature in the scan, but it's there. These cards look so much better in hand, especially with the color changing rainbow foil. 

This one brings my Super Script total to 17. It's only the third one I've picked up in 2011, not bad for such a rare set. Hopefully this year brings me a few more of these, whether that be through ebay, trades, or anywhere else. 

I've decided that anytime I come across an opportunity to add a new one to the set, I cannot pass it up unless the price tag is absolutely outrageous, thankfully most of the time it isn't. I've just seen too many of these slip away.

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