Friday, February 25, 2011

Gold Script Update

The last time I added to my Gold Script set was back in September of last year, and that was only one card. Before that, I hadn't added anything since last January when I bought the first lot of ten. Now, I've got two more to add to the collection, thanks to a trade on SCF.

The first is this Joe Thornton numbered 073/100.

The second is this Simon Gagne numbered 002/100.

What's unique about this addition to the Gold Script collection is where these cards came from, and that would be Finland of all places.

I was searching the web for cards from the set and came across a collector's trade page that listed these cards. I contacted them and negotiated a deal, $33 dlvd, for these two and one other card, which I will share in another post.

I actually received them pretty quickly in the mail, and by quickly I mean only a week. I've had cards coming from Canada take three times as long, so that was definitely a nice surprise.

These two bring the Gold Script set to 12, not including the one Jose Theodore duplicate I have. That's 12/220 or just about 5.5% of the entire set. This set has been a bit slower than the Super Scripts, which doesn't make sense, as there are four times as many of these.

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