Friday, December 31, 2010

Pack Break: 2010-11 O-Pee-Chee Rack Pack

I bought this rack pack at the same time I bought the Donruss pack as it was on sale for just $4. Again I was hoping to pull one of the Jimmy Howard cards from the set, but no luck again. I really have to stop buying these things and just look for singles. 

There is a lot going on with these base cards, and that is definitely not a good thing in this case. Does the O-Pee-Chee logo really need to be that big? It takes up way more space than it should, leaving little room for the actual picture on the card. 

I didn't get any inserts this time, but I did end up with two parallels. The first was this Seidenberg retro parallel. These are much better than the base design, at least the large part at the bottom is the team name and not the name of the set. 

In addition to the Seidenberg, I got a Giordano rainbow retro parallel. It's the exact same as the regular retro parallels, except for the rainbowy glossiness on the front. They could have done better with the picture on this one though, that's for sure. 

Again, this wasn't all that bad considering it was on sale. When it comes down to it, I would definitely pick Donruss over this any day. I just can't get over the huge O-Pee-Chee logo and the tiny pictures on the fronts of these cards. 

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