Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pack Break: 2010-11 Victory x3

I got an itch for breaking a few packs the other day and three packs of 2010-11 Victory hit the spot. I liked the base design from the rack pack I bought earlier and thought a few more base cards in the collection wouldn't hurt, especially for only $1.99 a pack. 

I ended up with 15 base cards, none which I already had, so that was a good thing. I always worry about getting all kinds of doubles with these kinds of sets. I also got one of each of three possible non-base cards. Here is the rundown.

(1) Stars of the Game Jonathan Toews
(1) Victory Rookies Kyle Wilson
(1) Game Breakers Ilya Kovalchuk

For some reason I like the Stars of the Game set. I think it's the way the image fades to black and white at the bottom. The rookies aren't all that bad and I really like this Kovalchuk Game Breakers. The black and red make for an excellent color scheme.

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