Monday, November 1, 2010

Box Break: 2007-08 UD MVP Blaster Box

I was at Target deciding how to use my share of a $25 gift card and as usual I wandered down the card aisle and saw some 2007-08 Upper Deck MVP blaster boxes marked down to $7.99, so I grabbed one.

I haven't busted much of this product in the past, so I didn't really know what to expect from 12 packs, which at the $7.99 sticker price worked out to only $0.67 a pack, can't beat that.

The Numbers:
Packs: 12
Cards per pack: 8
Duplicates: 0

I'm not a huge fan of the base design for this set, but it could have been a lot worse. I like the shape of the borders around the image and the arched name bar on the bottom. The worst part about them has to be that awful MVP logo. I wish they would have never changed it from the original design from 99-03.

Rookies: 6
As with other MVP releases, the rookie cards are similar to the base design. In this case, the name bar is slightly different, the MVP logo is now on the bottom, the word "rookie" is added to the top, and the facsimile signature is a simple script font.

Game Faces: 1
We begin the inserts with this Peter Forsberg from the Game Faces set. The idea for this set was good, but the end result, not so much. It just looks way too much like the base design, other than the gold foil and the extra lines around the borders.

New World Order: 2
This has to be one of the coolest inserts sets I've ever seen from an MVP release. I really like the background color and the old fashioned map design. I also like the name box on the bottom and the use of the gold foil. The country flag on the bottom right also adds a nice touch. The other of these was Zach Parise of the Devils.

Hart Candidates: 1
This set is pretty self explanatory. It's not the best looking insert set in the world, but there are a few things I like about it. One would be the name box at the bottom and another would be the outline of the trophy in gold foil.

Monumental Moments: 2
This insert set also borrows heavily from the base design, in terms of the border around the player image. They're actually not that bad overall. I really like the kind of wood grain texture and the font used on the monumental moments text is just amazing. 

One on One Dual Memorabilia: 1
These were one of the bigger hits possible and I'm actually surprised I got one. I knew I had one when I felt the pack it came in. These things are massive, like around the thickness of five base cards. I like the concept, but the design is pretty lame if you ask me. Again, like some of the other inserts, it borrows from the base design.

In case anyone was wondering, Manny Legace is on the reverse side. Also, if you haven't already looked closely at the scan of this one, the card is pretty damaged.

In hopes of maybe getting this card replaced, I got on the Upper Deck website and found the contact information for customer service and explained the damage in a quick email. Here is the reply I got.

Now what? I've got a mangled piece of cardboard. Should I try asking them for a replacement anyway? Or should I just let it go? After all, I did only pay $8 for the entire blaster box, and its three years old.

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  1. Send it in, and say you'll take anything in exchange for it. They might send you something newer in exchange for it, but at least it would be undamaged.

    Here is what UD did the last time I sent in a damaged card:

    Be sure to use signature confirmation when sending your package to Upper Deck, so they can't claim it got lost.