Friday, August 20, 2010

Thoughts: Collector Neglect

I went to Target the other night and planned on stopping by the trading card aisle on the way out like I usually do. Well, that never happened. Why? There were eight shopping carts full of re-shop (that's code for stuff people didn't want, I know, I used to work there) blocking the entire aisle.

Rather than try and move the stuff I just said forget it and left. I know it's a retail store and they could care less about trading cards and the people who actually buy them, but it was still annoying.

I'm just going to take a guess and say that you wouldn't catch them blocking the movie or video game sections with eight carts of re-shop now would you?

Anyway, enough ranting, does this happen to anyone else when looking for cards at Target or other retail stores?


  1. Almost always at the Target in Amherst, NY., though never eight carts. But I often have to push one or two out of the way.

  2. Both my Targets are going through remodeling so they haven't even begun to re-planogram the aisle. All the product is sitting in shopping carts that are overflowing with boxes and loose packs and additional carts with product stuck to peg hooks.

    When not in remodel mode, yeah, that is the modis operandi. Target blocks them with carts of trash and reshop, Meijer hides them in the back by their receiving doors, Kmart has them stuck by their customer service desk and blocked by aisle rope, and Walmart puts them in the check out lane that is always one of only two that is open so you can't get past all the people.

  3. Yeah, my local Target "c-blocks" (the "c" is for "cards") me too. There's usually shopping carts, or those heavy flatbed carts with a 200-pound entertainment center in the way.

    My local Wal-Mart, on the other hand, doesn't even carry sports cards.

  4. The stores around here are hit and miss when it comes to cards. Most of the Target stores have them, some Walmarts do and most of the Meijers do not.