Monday, August 16, 2010

Jimmy Howard: First from a Pack

There was one base card from the Victory rack pack I failed to mention, as I saved one of them for this post for a reason. The one particular card was the first Howard card I've pulled from a pack. I knew ahead of time he was part of this set and one of the reasons I bought the rack pack was the hope of adding the first base card to my Jimmy Howard collection. Well I did and here it is:

I love the fact that I finally have a card depicting his awesome mask from last season, the one with the Mustangs and retired number speedometers. All of the other cards either feature his old Maine mask or the octopus one from previous call-ups with the Wings.

I think I went in the right direction in starting the collection. I know because I was more excited about this plain old base card than other high end inserts like the Gilmour jersey from my last pack of ICE.

Hopefully Jimmy has a few more base cards this year with being the starter for the Wings last year and getting them into the playoffs. Panini coming into play hopefully means a few additional base cards.

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