Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jimmy Howard: eBay Pickups

I'll admit, I splurged a little bit this time, at least according to my current self-imposed budget for cards. I've added five more cards to my Jimmy Howard collection for only $12 plus shipping. I came across a lot of four Howard RC's, three that I don't have, for only $0.99 and another auto for $0.99. As usual, they came down to a last minute bidding war, but I came away with both at a great price.

The four RC's included 2005-06 Victory, Fleer Ultra, SPx (252/999), and another Trilogy (333/999). The auto is an authentic Goaliegraph from 07-08 Between the Pipes.

I'm really liking the Goaliegraph, it's the first Howard auto I've added to the collection, but definitely not the last. He doesn't have that bad of a signature, which is definitely a good thing. A lot of signatures today are just awful, but that's not the case here.

So now the collection now stands at five different cards, six total. I know that sounds lame, but I do have to start somewhere. Now that I've got some RC's and an auto, its time for some game-used stuff. I really hope he gets some more base cards for the 10-11 season. There is only one or two I've seen that don't show him wearing his Maine equipment. The only one confirmed so far is 10-11 Victory.

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