Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cardboard Creations: 79-80 OPC Part III

This is the last of three pages for my latest custom recreation project: 79-80 OPC. I really like how this set turned out, much better than my previous attempts at recreations. 

I stuck with butterfly stances most of these, with Kipprusoff being the one exception. I threw it in there because it was something different and it shows off his mask better than other shots. 

Again, I really like the use of the team colors for the base color of the cards. It gives the set a little more variety than simply changing the text and the solid color behind it. 

There were a few exceptions like Anaheim, Minnesota, and Los Angeles where I used a secondary color because I didn't want black borders and green would look much better than red for the Wild.  

This is all I've got for now as far as custom recreations. I've got one set in the works, but this one will take some time. I'll post something as soon as I feel they're ready. 

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  1. these are, as always, very impressive. you'll have to teach me sometime...