Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pack Break: 1990-91 Bowman

I was at Target the other day and came across this value box of packs. There were 15 packs for only $9.99. I was hesitant at first, but thought it was a good deal at less than $1 per pack.

All you could see were the two end packs, both of which were from 2006-07 so I thought it might not be that bad. Oh, and there were four cards blocking any view of the sides of the packs too. 

I opened the box and the first pack I pulled out from the middle was 1990-91 Bowman, very old school, at least to me. I consider it old school because it was from before I ever even got into hockey cards. 

Lemieux, Oates, Gartner, not too bad for less than a dollar. Just to clarify the Lemieux was the one "glossy" card in the pack. 

For being 20 years old, the design of these cards is not all that bad. The colors on the border are a little bright, but its simple, I like that. Just the little Bowman logo and some text on the bottom, not bad. 

The best thing about this pack was that it contained 15 cards, something pretty much non-existent in the hobby nowadays. Of the 15 cards, I guess you could call it a decent selection. 

The picture selection and quality is not the best in the world, but hey what can you expect for 1990? By the way, there is something wrong with one of these cards, see if you can find it.


  1. you mean Petr Svoboda doing a damn good imitation of Chris Chelios?

  2. Yep. The only reason I even caught it was that the card on the other side of the value-box was the actual Chelios card and at first I thought it was just a dupe, but then I saw Svoboda on the bottom of one and Chelios on the other.

    I looked into it a little and it looks like they never corrected it.