Monday, June 21, 2010

Garage Sale Pickup Breakdown: Non-Sport

In addition to the hockey, baseball, football and basketball cards in the garage sale box, there were quite a few non-sports cards that I've never seen or heard of before.

Here are some of examples of the various non-sports cards:

1994 Flair Power Blast #3

Lost In Space Reprints #20

1982 Magnum P.I. #1

1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man #68

1995 Flair Marvel Holoblast #1

1995 Skybox Star Trek #2

Here is the non-sport breakdown by set: 
(25) 1995 Flair Marvel
(13) 1994 Flair Marvel 
(47) 1966 Lost in Space Reprints /1966
(66) 1982 Magnum P.I.
(10) 1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man
(8) 1995 Fleer Ultra X-Men
(16) 1995 Skybox Star Trek

I'll admit, I had no idea any of these sets even existed. I took me a little while to figure out what they even were. I'm only 21 so the Lost in Space and Magnum P.I. were before my time and I was never into any of the marvel stuff or Star Trek. 

A few things about these cards: 
1) The 66 Magnum P.I. cards are the complete set. Cards 1-22 are the main set, then the remaining cards form a large puzzle with the pictures printed on the back. 

2) The Lost in Space cards are limited edition reprints of the original 1966 release. The only difference is the back of the cards, where the originals were colored on the back and the reprints are plain text.

Well, that wraps up the entire $3 garage sale pickup. I'd say it was more than worth the $3, given the possible value of some of the cards I found in the lot. I ended up with approximately 2100 cards in all. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all of these non-hockey cards in my hockey card collection. 

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