Monday, May 10, 2010

Cardboard Creations: Masked Men Part V

What better way is there to start a new week with another set of Masked Men customs? These two pages also feature a variety of masks, no vintage masks though.

Of this set, my favorites would have to be Roman Turek's Calgary mask, Stephane Fiset's Quebec mask and Steve Shields' tribute mask.


  1. So many good masks.

    Love the Turek's, and the Shield's tribute mask is one of my faves.

    But the Miller, Valiquette, Clemmensen...all awesome.

    Really enjoying the set.

    Two questions...

    What is the resolution/size of the cards you build?

    Where are you finding your mask pics?

    We should trade photo notes sometime. I have got a ton of closeup pics (some hi-res, some not).

  2. To answer your questions:

    All of the cards I create in Inkscape are at 500 x 700 pixels

    As far as finding the pics, I found some of them with Google image search, but most came from various goalie masks galleries on I posted the links to these galleries in the Masked Men Part III comments a few weeks ago, there's all kinds of masks there, most of them from the last few years though.

    Do you have many hi-res photos of the old school masks? Those were the hardest to find for me and that's why there were so few of them in this set.