Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Picks # 14: Patrik Stefan

Continuing the trend of players wearing the number 13 in this series, this Patrik Stefan card comes from Pacific's 2000-01 Private Stock Reserve insert set. 

This card is somewhat unique because it's printed on a very thin paper like card stock, so it's fairly flexible, and because the back is entirely blank aside from the manufacturer information and card number.

Although it does not scan all that well, the intricacy of the gold foil on the front of the card makes its that much more appealing. All of the text and borders are done in the same gold foil as well making for a nice overall look. 

The smaller player image works well for this design, especially with the faint team logo in the background of the design. Also, the Private Stock and smaller Thrashers logos are perfectly sized and do not distract from the overall design.

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